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Eagle Property Management

Eagle Property Management



What Is An Emergency?

An emergency call for maintenance includes anything that threatens the safety, health or life of the tenant or may cause permanent damage to the property

The following are considered emergencies and should be reported immediately regardless of day or hour:

  • Sewer and drain back-ups
  • Toilet not working (if you only have one toilet)
  • Pipe burst and there is a flood inside or outside the house
  • Electrical problems that could cause fire.
  • Fire-Call 911 and after everyone is safely out of the building, call Eagle Property Management
  • Broken windows-You will be billed for board up and replacement of windows. Call Eagle Property Management to have window boarded up at night. A glass company can be called to replace the window the next day.
  • Roof leaks-If it is a major leak, move furniture out of the way and place something under the leak to catch the water, call Eagle Property Management. If it is a minor leak, place something underneath the leak to catch the water and call Eagle Property Management in the morning. A roof cannot be fixed while it is raining.

Some urgent situations cannot be handled on the weekends and evenings. Examples are:

  • Loss of keys. (call locksmith)
  • Heating or air conditioning repairs
  • Neighbor complaints (call Police)
  • Appliance repairs to refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, garbage disposals

Break-ins are a Police matter. If your residence is broken into call the police and get a police report filed. Call Eagle Property Management and report any damage done to the residence.

Emergencies should be called into the Eagle Property Management office immediately. During normal business hours call (209) 832-1612. During nights, weekends and holidays there will be a recorded message instructing you how you can contact you Property Manager.
For non-emergency needs, please use this form.