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Eagle Property Management

Eagle Property Management

FAQ Tenants


When is rent due?

Rent is due pursuant to your rental agreement.  You will need to pay a late fee if rent is not paid on time.

I am unable to come by the office to pay my rent.  Can I arrange a meeting with a property manager to pick up my rent?

            Unfortunately, we are unable to do that.  Rent must be delivered or mailed to our office.

I am unable to pay my rent this month.  What will happen?

You will be given a 3 day notice from our office to pay your rent.  If rent is not paid within 3 days after the notice was given, you will be given a notice to terminate tenancy; 30 days if you have lived in the property in under a year or 60 days if you have lived in the property for over a year.

I need a repair done.  Who do I contact?

Please contact Eagle Property Management at (209) 832-1612 or contact your designated property manager.  We will contact a professional to make a repair.




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