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Eagle Property Management

Eagle Property Management

Payment of Rent

Rent is due on the first of the month and is deliquent the next day.  Late fees will apply pursuant to your rental agreement.
Tenants who pay their rent after their grace period, in accordance with the written terms of their lease, will be charged a late fee. If your grace period falls on a Saturday or Sunday or holiday, plan accordingly so that your rent is received on time.
If you fail to pay your rent, legal action to evict can be brought against you.
Due to the volume of personal checks returned for Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF), we require all rent payments to be remitted as follows:
  • Money Orders-take the time to fill out completely & sign each 
  • Cashiers Checks-We accept electronic checks submitted by your bank
  • We do NOT accept cash under any circumstances
  • We do NOT accept partial rent payments!
Make Money Order/s or Cashiers Check Payable to: Eagle Property Management
Money orders must be properly filled out*:
  1. “Pay to the Order of” Eagle Property Management
  2. “Purchaser’s Name”-sign your name
  3. “Your Address”-clearly print property address
*If your Money Order/s or Cashier’s Check/s is not properly filled out, your rent payment may not be credited to your account on time; consequently you will be charged a late fee per the terms of your lease.

We would prefer that you mail your rent payment to be received at our office in a timely manner. However, if you choose to pay rent in person we have a secure Rent Collection Box, which is attached to the wall at the left of the reception counter in the ALTERA Real Estate office lobby. There are also envelopes and Tenant Service Request forms (to report maintenance issues) for your use. There may be times when the office is closed or nobody is present in the reception area, however, the Rent Collection Box is available for your use anytime the office is open. We are closed weekends and all bank holidays.

Do NOT under any circumstances drop your rent through the glass doors at the lobby entrance to our office or in the outside “Letter” box adjacent to lobby entrance. These methods are not secure and we will not be responsible for rent delivered in this manner.