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 At Eagle Property Management, we understand how difficult it can be for property owners to manage their properties, while finding balance in their personal lives.  That's why we offer a full menu of services to minimize property owner's stress, while maximizing the return on their investment! Our experience and extensive knowledge of the market conditions in the communities that we serve allows us to to determine the maximum income for your property. 



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With our our marketing strategies and the use of  our tools and data, you can be assured your property will be marketed in the most effective way. 


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Maintenance & Repair
We value our customers homes as they can be some of their largest investments. We focus on preventive measures to maintain the highest value of our clients. When it comes to repairs, we work with and recommend a  large network of vendors, assuring owners they are getting the best quality work at the most competitive prices.


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Consulting w/ Real Estate Investors
When it comes to investing in the San Joaquin Area, talk to us first.  We can look at your property and provide you with the most accurate analysis of what it may rent for.



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Ready to find out how much your rental property is worth? Proper pricing affects how quickly you find a resident, what type of residents you attract, and how you’ll be measured against your competition. We would love to provide you with a free rent analysis & consultation and help you determine where you should be when you prepare to market your home.

Free Rental Analysis

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